Ekaterina Popova


Ekaterina Popova is an artist and the founder of Create! Magazine. She has a passion for painting and providing exposure to artists of all career levels. Since starting the magazine, she has had the pleasure of attending numerous exhibitions and art fairs, interviewing emerging and established artists, and working with leading curators. This experience has helped her to not only achieve more in her art career but also to learn the fundamental traits of many successful creatives. Her work has been featured in national exhibitions, art fairs, and international publications.

This podcast is her passion project to help engage the art community and have fun, meaningful, and inspiring conversations about studio practice, art careers, and more, while occasionally enjoying a cocktail (or two) together. 


About Create! Magazine


Create! Magazine promotes fresh, unique contemporary art from around the world. Each issue is filled with vibrant art, craft, design, and inspiring stories of the makers behind it. 

The art magazine is released bimonthly in a digital and print format.

Each beautifully crafted edition features inspiring interviews, perspectives, and advice from the top creative professionals. We dedicate a significant portion of the publication to an array of artists selected by guest curators through our calls for art and contests. Artists, makers, and designers are welcome to submit to our blog at any time. We regularly feature blog submissions and strive to promote the work that fits our aesthetic.