Episode 1: Artist Blocks, Books and Baileys: a conversation with The Jealous Curator

On this episode I get to chat with Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator). I have been inspired by her art, writing, blog and podcast for years, so it's only appropriate that we celebrate the launch of this show with her as a guest! Danielle and I co-interview each other and share our stories, college experiences, struggles and the amazing support of our online communities. 

We also share a few early morning cocktails and the recipe for this week is simple:

Coffee with Baileys

Be sure to pre-order her amazing new book A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women): Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists-And Projects to Help You Become One on Amazon. (Due out October 2, 2018)


Danielle Krysa has a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Victoria, and a post-grad in design from Sherian College. She began her career as a painter, but her love for graphic design quickly changed her interest from painting to mixed media - specifically collages filled with narratives, negative space, and pop cultural references. (Danielle Krysa is also is the writer behind the contemporary art site, The Jealous Curator, and the author of Creative BlockCollage and Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk.) Danielle lives and works in British Columbia, Canada.


 Danielle has been making work for years, but she’s been focused on her current body of work since late 2015. Using found images, bright blooms/swashes of paint, and long funny titles, she is truly embracing her lifelong love of story telling.